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The Importance of Daily Reminders

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blossoming, and the sun is shining – in other words, it’s summer! If you’re like most people, you have a long list of healthy changes you’d like to make – whether it’s as simple as running more outside and enjoying the warmer weather or finding more nutritious options! Whatever changes or additional routines you’re looking to make, daily reminders are key.

The Power of Habit
It takes an average of 66 days to adopt a new routine, which means it may take a little extra work to ensure you keep it up. The key to adopting healthy daily routines is to rely on the ease of automatic habits and our existing routines. In other words, work with your life’s natural rhythms, rather than against them.

To work with your daily routine, try picking a daily reminder that leads naturally into the new behavior or routine you want to adopt. For example, change into your running clothes while still at work, go for a jog near your office, and then drive home to decompress and watch Netflix. It will be easier to adopt that change while you are still out in “work-mode.”

Make Your Daily Juice Plus+ a Habit
Find a cue – what is something you already do every morning? Maybe it’s a mug of coffee or tea, or breakfast with your family, or sitting down with your day planner. Put your Juice Plus+ capsules right by your daily morning activity and make it a habit to always do them together. Whether the capsules are next to a mug for your morning caffeine or a plate for breakfast, it will help you remember!

Include a reward, too. Maybe you always have your capsules along with a delicious Complete shake, or a piece of your favorite fruit. If you can convince your body to see the cue (your cup of tea) and crave the reward (fruit), the behavior will flow naturally.  

Put your life’s natural rhythms to work for you, and your daily reminders will help you keep up your routines in no time!

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